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How to find a professional decoration company?

Writer: admin Date:2018-06-28 Source:未知
Main description:One, tailored According to their housing area and economic conditions in the renovation process to consider some of the basic hardware required, preliminary estimates for these necessities, and then according to their investment budgets to...

One, tailored

    According to their housing area and economic conditions in the renovation process to consider some of the basic hardware required, preliminary estimates for these necessities, and then according to their investment budgets to choose the decoration company grade. For standard type, that the common people's basic decoration, you can find construction ability decoration company in talks with the company should pay attention to the other programs in this respect strength and performance. As for the mid-range model, that is, except standard also incorporates part of the design thinking beyond conventional decoration, you can find a design capacity of small and medium companies. The high-end and luxury decoration, you should find at least medium-sized decoration company. Also, do not look for too much decoration company, so dazzled, the final effect is often not ideal.
Second, come to understand the strength of the company
    Owners from the following aspects to investigate and verify the company cases: ① business license, qualification certificate, must see, and look at the original; ② If a large number of companies affiliated departments must consider the original power of attorney; ③ ten million Do not believe a copy of which a considerable part because the complaint is fraudulent, forged others business license and qualification certificates or use Sike seal; ④ see how the scale of business premises. ⑤ According decoration companies offer quotations decoration companies offer ways to understand the level of prices and whether their initial budget, while understanding its service and construction materials used in which brands and grades.
Third, the site visits the construction site
    Examine decoration company model works, the company has not only look at completion of the renovation of residential, learn about its design level and the level of technology, but also to listen to the head of household decoration company quality and service evaluation. More important is to look at the site under construction, decoration companies to understand the level of on-site management, construction team mechanic operating process level is good, construction tools are complete, whether the health status and quality of materials to meet the requirements.
Fourth, listen to professional advice
    Looking for decoration company in the process, as much as possible to seek the views of decoration industry insiders. Because insiders easier to see the "doorway" to, but also allows you to avoid detours. For example, and home networks, "decorating Intelligence" magazine has a decorating company recommendations and review. If you are close friends and relatives of the decoration companies and private teams, home owners should look at the company design and decoration of the home, and then decided to listen to the professionals, and finally make a decision. Even acquaintances, it should stay an eye.
Five, help decorate the formal supervision company
    If the owners want to save time and worry, can be entrusted to a special decorative supervision company for help. Management Company will be recommended to the owners in principle decoration company, but will be selected based on several decoration companies to provide a preliminary quote, design sketches and assurance measures, in consultation with the customer select the appropriate grade of company customers, but also accompany clients to visit Decoration the company's showroom and a construction site. Owners can also rest assured that the formal decoration supervision companies will stand a fair position, does not favor the owners decoration companies, which results in losses.
Six, listen to the experience of someone who renovation
   From the decoration over people where you can get the most authentic useful experience, such as they choose decorating company time is how to consider and select used decorating company reasons, the design level of the construction team is professional, and so they tend to be very happy to You explain them these experiences will also recommend to you or exclude decorating company of their choice.


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