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Electronic Parcel Delivery Locker

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Electronic Parcel Delivery Locker

Product profile:

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Metal Outdoor Parcel Delivery Locker Intelligent Electronic Logistics Package Luggage Storage Cabinet For Delivery Post Service

Luoyang Metalbrother Furniture Co.,Ltd. is a professional steel furniture solution provider which has rich experience in manufacturing,designing,selling and exporting smart express lockers,electronic lockers,filing cabinet,drawer cabinet,lockers,safe,school furniture,home furniture etc.




Main Specification:

 A. Control Unit

Name Metal Outdoor Parcel Delivery Locker Intelligent Electronic Logistics Package Luggage Storage Cabinet For Delivery Post Service
Housing Separate control unit
Display 16 inch+21 inch true color display with touch screen
Door open moudle QR code(optional)
Color Optional
Language English,Chinese(Customized)
Dimension H2000*W800*D520mm(optional)
PC system Windows,Linux,Android(optional)
Main volatage AC110V-AC240V   50HZ
Backup power 18V 7AH(Option)
Camera Option
Internet Yes
Application Office buildings,Residential area,Express company,University,supermarkets,online shopping platformetc.

B. Box system

Number of boxes 18 door
Dimension H2000*W1100*D520mm
Small box size H165*W460*D520mm
Medium box size H205*W460*D520mm
Large box size H295*W460*D520mm
Other size Available



How does it work?



Step 1: Courier goes to Package station

Step 2: Courier scans the QR code and input his registration information.(Name,express company,mobile phone number etc.)

Step 3: Choose Save on the screen.

Step 4: Scan the waybill which the sender filled in all information.

Step 5: Input the receiver’s cellphone number so that the system can send a SMS to notify the receiver later. The SMS includes the information waybill tracking number and retrieve’s password.

Step 6: Input cellphone number again for confirmation.

Step 7: Choose the suitable size: there are big /middle/ small boxes for options.

Step 8: Put the parcel into the locker box.

Step 9: Barcode ticket is printed after putting parcel in. (The ticket is kept by the courier)

Step 10: Courier keeps the barcode ticket for reference.



Step 1: Receiver goes to Package station.

Step 2: Receiver presses the retrieve button on the screen.

Step 3: Receiver inputs Password from SMS.

Step 4: After inputting, the door will open automatically.

Step 5: Take out the parcel and close the door.

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